Call Recording with RecordaTrunk

Implement a simple call recording solution without additional plug-ins or equipment

EtherSpeak’s RecordaTrunk can be added to your service plan to capture customer calls and save them in the Cloud.  Intuitive, useful and affordable, this solution comes with administrative control of an online portal with which you can  access call details and recordings. Automatic call recording can be configured to individual numbers or a group of numbers, depending on the unique needs of your business.

The recording is created on the service side of the call. This method of recording relieves the need for additional equipment or plug-ins to your PBX.

RecordaTrunk is easy to implement and navigate for any level of user. It’s been optimized for Microsoft Lync and other leading PBX vendors. RecordaTrunk has a standard flat rate of $0.10 per recorded call.


Flexible Cloud Storage

Configure and Pay Per Phone Number

Online Web Portal

Optimized for Microsoft Lync