Managed Connectivity

Highest Standards in IP Reliability and Full Continuity

Experience lower costs, greater quality and ease of use to ensure highest available Service Level Agreements

For businesses looking for the highest standards in IP reliability and full continuity, EtherSpeak can provide full scalability and reliability with MPLS network connectivity. Businesses happy with their current MPLS network are not required to switch to EtherSpeak’s private MPLS network, rather EtherSpeak can connect to their existing MPLS network and customers can still utilize EtherSpeak’s SIP trunk services.

Access Options


Securely connect your business locations with a private network. These custom connections offer seamless transfer of data and communication services.


High-speed data, internet, voice over IP (VoIP), video and other applications with flexible speeds of up to 10 GB.


Business-class internet connectivity with robust SLAs and speeds from 1.5 Mps.

  • Reliable: MPLS network provided by World Class fiber optic network builder Level 3 Communications.
  • Convergence: Bundling your applications and infrastructure with a single trusted carrier saves you money and total cost of ownership.
  • Flexible: Change bandwidth options as you glow
  • Scalable: T1, DS-3, OC-N or Ethernet up to 10Gbps
  • Secure: Private network not passing over internet
  • Available: Advanced fault tolerant infrastructure fails over to secondary path to ensure your voice, data, faxing, and video are always available.