Disaster Recovery

Protect your business with redundant backup phone options.


Seamlessly re-route inbound calls to pre-configured numbers (cell, PSTN, or other “live” SIP location) in the event of lost SIP connectivity.

Once your SIP service is restored, RedundaTrunk automatically routes your incoming calls back to your original internal number (DID).


ShadowVox is designed to mirror predetermined PBX configurations, such as a automated-attendant, hunt group and extensions.

Your customers experience the same call experience regardless of who they connect to, even though the dialed call options are routed to different end points.

Back-Up SIP Bundle

EtherSpeak offers a solution for customers who need the option to fail-over a regular analog, T1 or PRI over to an EtherSpeak SIP line.


Maintain Productivity
Having the ability to reroute calls allows your business to maintain communications between employees and their clients.

Prevent Revenue Loss
Using a Disaster Recovery option that meets the needs of your company means potential revenue is not sacrificed due to local or network outages beyond your control.

Keep your organization running smoothly not only internally but also for those one the outside trying to reach you!