PBX Vendors

Connecting to the best in Unified Communications

Partnering with strategic PBX vendors, we continue to invest in the platforms our customers have come to trust. We offer the same great pricing and service for all our SIP Trunking customers regardless of platform.

By investing in technology that provides native SIP connectivity and thereby reducing the need to purchase expensive gateways and equipment, we remain committed to providing the best service and experience for all our customers.

We pride ourselves that EtherSpeak offers some of the most competitive pricing in the SIP Trunking industry. Begin your SIP service with a 30 day risk-free trial by contacting an EtherSpeak representative today!


We have maintained a positive and unique relationship with ShoreTel by offering native connectivity with our trunks. This means the purchase of equipment is not required of our customers as our VPN connects directly with the ShoreTel PBX. Read more

Microsoft Lync

By providing native connectivity and interoperability with Microsoft OCS R2 and Lync, we help Microsoft users save money on equimpent, storage and maintenance by reducing the need for expensive hardware. Our easy setups take as little as a day. Using Microsoft’s PBX platform, users are able to seamlessly transfer calls, create auto attendants and do everything a business of any size would expect from an established and cutting edge platform with the backing of Microsoft. Read More


Zultys is most recognized for its well acclaimed MX 250 PBX, which offers mobility, softphone capabilities, auto attendant setup, video, remote desktop and instant messaging among users.

Originally a supplier of Zultys systems, EtherSpeak now provides native SIP trunking with easy setup and configuration that can take less than an hour. Read More


Our interoperability with open source platforms allows us to help customers with any and all of their SIP Trunking needs. Connecting with various open source vendors, such as Cisco, broadens our market and makes it possible for us to gladly support the Open Source platforms in the industry. Read More


Zoiper softphones run on a multitude of different platforms. No matter if you are using mac, linux or windows, iPhone, android or a browser, we got a solution for all. (and we are working hard on adding even more) . We have chosen to partner with Zoiper for many reasons with security at the forefront. We offer free encryption for all your text, voice and video communications with TLS/SRTP and ZRTP (coming soon).
To learn more about Zoiper please visit: http://www.zoiper.com/en

Want SIP on another platform? Check with our team to test connection with the PBX of your choice.