Internet Faxing by EtherSpeak

Experience lower costs, greater ease of use and convenient anytime, anywhere faxing options with iEtherFax

Customers using the iEtherFax solution experience lower costs and greater ease of use. Why deal with the pain of using an analog line, which not only costs more to have as a dedicated fax line, but also causes the user to be subject to busy signals, errors due to paper jams and more?

Moving fax services over the internet with EtherSpeak provides a secure T.38 connection, which encrypts the transmitted data. EtherSpeak provides discounts for current customers who subscribe to any of the SIP bundles allowing their bundled minutes to be used for faxing in addition to voice.

Send and Receive Faxes over the Internet Anytime, Anywhere

Use your current Fax Machine

Start faxing over the internet using a fax-enabled machine with a simple ATA adapter.

Use Your Email Client

Send or receive faxes from anywhere, anytime using your email client.

Use a Faxing Server

Use your PC or Server as a fax client using the T.38 Fax Client plug-in.